Linguistic Corner

The Linguistic Corner aims to prepare activities intended mostly for undergraduate students completing the Degree in English studies who are particularly interested in the study of the English language.

Through the Linguistic Corner we aim to:

  1. develop the participants’ general competences
  2. enable them to know or discover specific topics concerning English
  3. discuss current issues around the role of English as a Lingua Franca
  4. deal with cultural aspects of the English world critically
  5. mentor students about academic and professional options

Past seminars

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Our Events

That's the way we are... We take part in different kind of projects aim to generate knowledge about digital genres in English used by academics and professionals to strengthen the visibility of their research output. 

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Latest events

Daniel Pascual delivers a workshop on digital tools

Our team member Daniel Pascual carried out a content and work session on digital tools and apps for retrieving and storing texts from websites for corpus compilations. Together we explored how they work and their affordances and limitations. He focused on three main tools: The first one was NCapture, which is a tool used with…

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Pilar Mur-Dueñas will be a plenary speaker at the Association of LSP Teachers 6th International Conference in Osijek

Our team member Dr. Pilar Mur-Dueñas will participate and deliver a plenary talk at the Association of LSP Teachers 6th International Conference: Contemporary Challenges in LSP Teaching that will take place at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in the University of Osijek (Croatia) the days 23rd-25th of February 2023. Her talk will be…

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CIRES Research Seminar 2022

Together with other members from the research group CIRES (Comunicación Internacional y Retos Sociales), the InterGedi team organised a research seminar titled “Research Methods in Discourse Analysis and Translation Studies” last Thursday 27th of October. We had four invited speakers from different universities in Spain; Pascual Pérez Paredes, Julia Valeiras, Noa Talaván and Miguel Ángel…

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Paula Wood delivers a workshop on the compilation of our new corpus SciDis

This October our junior team member Paula Wood carried out a group workshop on the first stages of the compilation process of the corpus of our new project, SciDis. The main aim of this project is to explore the discoursal and cognitive mechanisms and strategies (verbal and non-verbal) used by scientists to recontextualise and adapt…

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Rosa Lorés delivers a plenary talk on digital scientific textual practices at the CMC 2022 conference

Rosa Lorés, Silvia Murillo and Isabel Herrando  participated in the 9th Conference on Computer-Mediated Communication (CMC) and Social Media Corpora, which was hosted by the Faculty of Philology of the University of Santiago de Compostela during the days 28th and 29th September 2022. Dr. Rosa Lorés was a keynote speaker at this event. Her plenary…

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Daniel Pascual and Paula Wood present their projects at the AJL’22 conference

Daniel Pascual and Paula Wood delivered two papers at the 36th International Conference of the Asociación de Jóvenes Lingüistas (aimed at PhD students in the field of linguistics), which took place at the University of Sevilla during the 21st to 23rd of September 2022. Daniel Pascual discussed the theoretical and methodological approaches towards the ways…

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Daniel Pascual and Paula Wood participate in the Digital Humanities Summer School in Modena

Our junior team members Daniel Pascual and Paula Wood attended the “Digital Humanities and Digital Communication: New Approaches to Core Questions” Summer School organised by the Doctoral Program in Human Sciences of the University of Modena from the 6th to the 10th of June 2022. This Summer School  had our team member Marina Bondi as…

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The InterGedi team participates in the SEING IV conference

The 4th edition of the SEING (Seminar in English Studies) conference, celebrated last May, was organised by the English Philology Department at the University of Zaragoza and intended for doctoral students in English studies who wish to present their current research. This year the conference has been titled “English Studies in the New Normal”, as…

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InterGedi at AESLA 2022

Our team members Rosa Lorés, Pilar Mur-Dueñas and Daniel Pascual participated in the 39th edition of the Spanish Association of Applied Linguistics (AESLA) Conference, hosted by the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria on the 27th-29th April 2022. Rosa Lorés delivered a paper titled “Engaging diversified audiences: pragmatic strategies in the recontextualization of expert…

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Rosa Lorés and Pilar Mur-Dueñas edit a Special Issue on Scientific and Parascientific Communication at Publications

As announced here some months ago, Rosa Lorés and Pilar Mur-Dueñas have edited and now published the Special Issue “Scientific and Parascientific Communication” in the international, open-access journal Publications. It explores the digital, multimedia and multimodal practices of scientists to disseminate their research results, and that frequently entail the blurring of boundaries between experts and…

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