Paula Wood delivers a workshop on the compilation of our new corpus SciDis

This October our junior team member Paula Wood carried out a group workshop on the first stages of the compilation process of the corpus of our new project, SciDis. The main aim of this project is to explore the discoursal and cognitive mechanisms and strategies (verbal and non-verbal) used by scientists to recontextualise and adapt scientific expert digital communication in English made available online and addressed to diversified audiences.

It was determined that the corpus will consist of texts focused on the fields of health (focusing on the topics of physical activity and nutrition and mental health), economy (sustainability and circular economy) and nature (energy efficiency and climatic change).

The texts will also belong to six different genres:

1. Individual research blogs

2. Institutional research blogs

3. Microblogging platforms: individual Twitter accounts

4. Microblogging platforms: institutional Twitter accounts

5. Ask an Expert sites

6. Online scientific news

For more information about the SciDis project, click here.

Paula Wood was the one who began the compilation process, starting with the selection of institutional research blogs and finding similarities within posts from the same subject area. In the workshop that took place the 18th of October, she explained her process of compilation of the corpus and she presented the preliminary findings to the rest of the team.

From that point on, the InterGedi team has continued compiling the corpus and having regular meetings to discuss our results.