EUROPRO Aims and Research questions

overall aim

To generate knowledge about digital genres in English used by academics and professionals to strengthen the visibility of their research output.

General aims

  • To identify the genres present in websites for international research projects
  • To classify these digital genres, taking into account their communicative purpose
  • To select and study those genres whose main objective is to give visibility to scientific output
  • To determine their possible relation to other genres (e.g. genre chains, colonies, or constellations)

Research questions

  • What moves and steps are recurrent in the rhetorical structure of these digital genres?  Which of those moves and steps are optional or obligatory?
  • What are the purpose and the main linguistic and pragmatic features which are characteristic of these genres (and which allow members of the discourse community to recognize texts as instances of those genres)?
  • What linguistic and interpersonal elements determine the effectiveness of these genres for disseminating /broadcasting the research results?
  • How do these elements contribute to promoting the credibility and reputation of researchers?
  • What elements or strategies regarding these genres could be incorporated to pedagogical materials?