Our junior team members will participate in the upcoming UPCEL conference

Our junior team members Paula Wood-Borque and Ana E. Sancho-Ortiz will participate in the upcoming 5th International UCM Predoctoral Conference on English Linguistics (UPCEL), which will take place at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid on the 23rd and 24th of January. 

This conference is organised by the PhD Programme in English Linguistics of UCM, and it aims to be a forum for reflection and dialogue on the new contexts, challenges, methodologies and conceptualisations of the construct of ‘language’ that XXI century Linguistics faces. 

Paula Wood-Borque will be presenting her taxonomy for the multimodal analysis of films and series, and its application in the English as a Foreign Language classroom.; and Ana E. Sancho Ortiz will be exploring the verbal and visual modes in a sample of 30 Instagram posts from two physiotherapy expert accounts.

We are looking forward to their contributions!