InterGedi webinar with Prof. Carmen Maier

On the 27th of May 2024 we held a hybrid meeting with our international team members Prof. Carmen Maier and Prof. Jan Engberg, in which we discussed and explored a variety of theoretical and methodological challenges around multimodal analysis applied to digital scientific dissemination.

Our junior team member Ana E. Sancho Ortiz presented her current research around the construction of expert identity on Instagram posts about physical therapy, and proposed a collaborative hands-on analysis of an Instagram post from her corpus. Prof. Carmen Maier participated in this case study by offering an excellent proposal of analysis of said post.

Later, our other junior team member Paula Wood Borque presented her taxonomy for the multimodal analysis of scenes from films and series for the EFL classroom, and posed a variety of questions that were also discussed with Prof. Carmen Maier and Prof. Jan Engberg.

This was a great opportunity to explore different concepts and approaches that will be applied to our research. Special thanks to Prof. Carmen Maier for her wonderful insights.