InterGedi members publish in the CLAC Special Issue

Four of our team members, Rosa Lorés, Pilar Mur-Dueñas, Daniel Pascual and Isabel Herrando, have published their research in the new Special Issue of the journal Círculo de Lingüística Aplicada a la Comunicación (CLAC). The first volume of this SI (Vol.90), titled “Posicionamiento y dialogicidad en la escritura académica y profesional” was published in May 2022 and features an article co-authored by Daniel Pascual and Pilar Mur-Dueñas , and another by Isabel Herrando.

Daniel and Pilar’s paper is titled “Dialogic interaction with diversified audiences in Twitter for Research Dissemination Purposes”. It presents a study in which they analyse  the  dialogic  dimension  of  tweets published in accounts of Horizon2020 research projects, focusing on the use of interactional pragmatic strategies, their verbal realisation through engagement markers, as well as on medium affordances and non-verbal markers. The publication is open-access and you can find it here.

Isabel’s article, titled “‘Is voice inevitable in written texts?’ Animate agents followed by active verbs as writers’ (de)voicing mechanisms in knowledge dissemination practices”, explores how disseminators and specialised writers adapt or mediate the voice of the researchers and writers of medical research articles  in  the  corresponding  medical  popularizations  published  on-line. You can find the full paper here.

The second volume of this SI (Vol.93), “Rasgos discursivos de la voz del autor en textos especializados”,  was recently published and features an article by Rosa Lorés. It is titled “Dual  voices,  hybrid  identities:  the  recontextualization  of  research  in  digital  dissemination scientific discourse”, and it presents a study in which a corpus of 20 online research digests is quantitatively and qualitatively analysed in terms of the (meta)discoursal features that the scriptwriter uses to foster comprehensibility, project a credible and  authoritative  voice  and  enhance  engagement  with  their  audience. You can find Rosa’s paper here.

Feel free to check out our team members’ articles as well as all the other insightful studies published in this Special Issue on CLAC’s website.