AESLA 2024: Paula Wood-Borque presents a study of teachers’ perceptions on the use of films and series in the EFL classroom

Paula Wood-Borque presented a paper in this year’s edition of the International Conference of the Spanish Society for Applied Linguistics (AESLA), which took place at the Universitat Politècnica de València (Valencia, Spain) on the 17th-19th April 2024. In her talk, titled “Using audiovisual materials in the EFL classroom: A study of perceptions towards a multimodal corpus of films and series”, she presented a study carried out with EFL teachers acting as informants of her corpus CAMELLS and the materials for the EFL classroom she is developing from it. Paula Wood-Borque presented some results from the second phase of her study, which consisted of individual interviews with the informants about their perceptions on and experiences with the use of films and series in their EFL lessons, and explained how those informed the development of different materials for the 4 academic years of Secondary Education. Finally, she explored some of the informants’ opinions and suggestions on those materials.

The abstract of her talk can be consulted as follows: