In our research we carry out both qualitative and quantitative analyses. Our text-based analyses are undertaken on self-compiled corpora. For our text-based analyses we drew on the self-compiled corpora: EUROPRO Digital Corpus and we will draw on the SciDis Digital Corpus, now under construction. We make use of corpus concordance programs such as Worsdmith Tools, MonoConc, #LancsBox and AntConc. In order to gather data from the project participants, we make use of ethnomethodological tools such as questionnaires and semi-structured interviews.

SciDis Digital Database

This database includes 75 English-language websites or digital platforms: 25 per subject area (Health, Economy and Natural Sciences), 5 per genre within each subject area (institutional research blog, individual microblogging (Twitter), institutional microblogging (Twitter), online scientific news, scientific explanatory sites)


SciDis Digital Corpus
*Under construction*