scidis aims and research questions


To explore verbal and non-verbal mechanisms and strategies used by scientists to recontextualise and adapt scientific expert digital communication in English for diversified audiences.

General aims

  • To study the contexts of use and the communicative purposes of digital practices allowing researchers to disseminate their results, bringing science closer to the citizen.
  • To identify the rhetorical-discursive conventions of specific digital genres.
  • To explore the relationships established with other genres, from which they emerge in offline contexts or with which they coexist in online settings.
  • To identify and interpret processes of recontextualisation at a cognitive-discursive level in digital genres used in English for the dissemination of scientific knowledge manifested in lexico-grammatical features, pragmatic strategies and multimodal resources.

Research questions

  • Which digital practices are used in the fields of Health, Economy and Natural Sciences to disseminate new knowledge about global issues?
  • In which contexts are they used and which verbal and nonverbal resources characterise them?
  • What processes of recontextualisation at the cognitive-discursive level take place in specific digital genres in the fields of Health, Economics and Natural Sciences to communicate scientific knowledge to different agents and audiences?
  • What lexico-grammatical features are characteristic of the process of recontextualisation of scientific knowledge through these genres?
  • What pragmatic strategies are employed in the process of recontextualising scientific knowledge through these genres?
  • What multimodal resources are used in the process of recontextualising scientific knowledge through these genres?