Ramón Plo represents InterGedi at INTELE initiative

The research framework “INTELE: INfraestructura de TEcnologías del LEnguaje” gathered together, in a workshop held November 25th, researchers and institutions from different within the social sciences and humanities.

Three were the main foci of interest in this event, for which specific round tables were organised: 1) Policies supporting European digital insfrastructures para the Digital Social Sciences and Humanities; 2) Digital Humanities in Spain: potential and necessity; 3) Participation and dissemination of projects and resources from Spanish groups within the Digital Social Sciences and Humanities.

Within the frame of the third strand, our colleague Ramón Plo contributed to the workshop by displaying the general and specific aims of our research project, as well as a picture of where and how we are at the moment. Check his proposal, InterGedi Research Project, where he illustrates our investigation of the visibility and dissemination of scientific research.

This sort of initiatives are always fruitful and allow one another to get to know the research being undertaken within one’s specific field and in the (Digital) Humanities in general. All the talks included in the program pointed out at the need to keep on collaborating and expanding our networks to achieve more meaningful research. We need to keep an eye at INTELE and the activities proposed, because it is surely an effective way to move forward!

More info about the unfolding of the entire programme of the workshop here.