Isabel Herrando-Rodrigo and Enrique Lafuente-Millán will present their latest research at Brno Conference on Linguistic Studies in English

Next Thursday and Friday the ninth edition of the Brno Conference on Linguistic Studies in English will take place. The event, which will be celebrated online due to the Covid-19 situation, has this year the theme “Patterns and Variation in English Language Discourse”. During the two days, participants will attend numerous communications on online discourse, sociolinguistic variation, specialised discourse, historical development and learner discourse, among others. Keynote speakers invited to the conference include Carmen Pérez-Llantada, Jarmila Tárnyiková and our InterGedi member Marina Bondi.

InterGedi will be represented at the conference thanks to Isabel Herrando Rodrigo and Enrique Lafuente-Millán, who will deliver communications on their latest pieces of research on Thursday, September 16th, in a session chaired by our colleague Olga Dontcheva-Navratilova. First, Lafuente-Millán will look into European research project websites from a multiple perspective of analysis that will deal with aspects of promotion and evaluation in this digital environment. Then, Herrando-Rodrigo will present a co-authored paper with Pedro Satústegui and Noelia Navas in which they will explore the dissemination of scientific knowledge related to the COVID in Spain with a focus on the genre of the podcast.

You can check their full proposals in the Book of Abstracts of the conference, which we include here.