An InterGedi researcher participated in a panel chaired by Sally Burgess and made up of applied linguists and researcher-practitioners. They explored the benefits of cross-pollination between those who work with users of EAL and researchers who explore the phenomenon of multilingual academic text production.

Shaw, Oliver: Learning from one another: a dialogue between applied linguists and researcher practitioners

Abstract The critical stance many applied linguists now adopt calls into question the values and practices of the globalized publishing industry and examines the implications for users of English as an additional language. Authors’ editors and translators may be reluctant to take an explicitly critical stance themselves, regarding their work as a valuable service performed in good faith for clients who accept the dominance of English as a language of research communication and the authoritative position of first-language users of English. In our panel discussion, looked at recent research that takes this critical stance and asked how far and how much of this research is relevant to language professionals, how to read this material critically, and how a different perspective on these issues might be offered by practitioners.