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36th AESLA Conference Applied Linguistics and Knowledge Transfer: Employability, Internationalization and Social Challenges

Plo-Alastrué, Ramón, and Herrando-Rodrigo, Isabel: “Disseminating academic knowledge through digital interactive genres: Are Spanish scholars meeting this social challenge?” Abstract Researchers are nowadays encouraged to meet certain social challenges, posed for instance by H2020, in order to increase their reputation, visibility and, eventually, funding. To be internationally competitive, calls favour research projects that disseminate and…

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1st International Conference Corpus Analysis in Academic Discourse

Herrando-Rodrigo, Isabel: “Authors’ visibility in medical discourse: is there a single framework of corpus analysis to fit it all?” Abstract This study aims to contribute to the concept of writer’s visibility inspired by approaches to the analysis of identity in written discourse such as those taken by Ivanič (1998), Charles (1999) or John (2005), among…

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9th CILC International Conference on Corpus Linguistics

Herrando-Rodrigo, Isabel: “Academic and knowledge dissemination genres analysed from the standpoint of interpersonality: research articles and their electronic dissemination adaptations” Abstract This paper studies the applicability of interpersonal metadiscourse (IM) as a framework and the subsequent limitations it poses. My contribution will focus on the implementation of a cline of writers’ visibility in a corpus…

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