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Enrique Lafuente-Millán offers a multiple analytical perspective on the (dis)similarities of promotion and evaluation in research project and corporate websites

September 16th and 17th were the dates chosen to hold the 9th edition of the Brno Conference on Linguistic Studies in English. The event, which was hosted online, had this year a special emphasis on patterns and variation in English language discourse. Our InterGedi colleague, Enrique Lafuente-Millán, presented his latest research on the similarities and…

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Isabel Herrando-Rodrigo and Enrique Lafuente-Millán will present their latest research at Brno Conference on Linguistic Studies in English

Next Thursday and Friday (16th-17th September) the ninth edition of the Brno Conference on Linguistic Studies in English will take place. The event, which will be celebrated online due to the Covid-19 situation, has this year the theme “Patterns and Variation in English Language Discourse”. During the two days, participants will attend numerous communications on…

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Enrique Lafuente-Millán

Enrique Lafuente-Millán I am a senior lecturer (PhD) in the Department of English and German Studies at the Faculty of Education, Universidad de Zaragoza (Spain), where I have been teaching courses on ESL pedagogy and SLA for 20 years. I have published articles in national and international journals focusing mostly on interpersonality in academic discourse,…

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