Silvia Murillo Ornat

IMG_Silvia Murillo

I am a senior lecturer in the Department of English and German Studies at the Faculty of Arts of the Universidad de Zaragoza (Spain). I currently teach English grammar, academic English, contrastive linguistics and specialized translation courses. My research includes contrastive studies (English-Spanish) on general corpora and on academic corpora (covering L1 and L2 English), focusing on the use discourse markers, particularly reformulation markers. I have recently shifted my attention to the study of such items in English as a Lingua Franca and in digital genres. I have taken part in several projects at the University of Zaragoza and in collaboration with other Spanish universities, and I am currently a member of the CIRES research group (“International Communication and Social Challenges”, funded by the regional Government of Aragon and the European Union). The results of my research have been published in international journals such as Journal of Pragmatics, International Journal of Corpus Linguistics and Languages in Contrast.

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