The deliverables we offer here stem from the research we have been undertaking during the last few years in the InterGedi research group. They mainly comprise three different aspects:

1) The corpus of analysis and the objects of inquiry around international research projects -with a special attention to research project websites.

2) Methodological considerations and approaches we have taken to study the corpus.

3) The transfer of results from our analyses and from different theoretical and methodological perspectives.


Deliverables in this section discuss the compilation of the EUROPRO Digital Corpus, as well as the extension of the corpus to make up a EUROPRO Digital Database and the collection of other documents for contextual analysis. Moreover, methodological criteria are explained and justified for both the EUROPROwebs Corpus and the EUROPROtweets Corpus, and the processes of labelling and tagging the documents once compiled is carefully described, too.


This section includes deliverables that focus on methodological approaches and frameworks that we have used at our stake in order to carry out analyses of the practices endorsed by international research projects. Below, you can find a protocol that we have designed for semi-structured interviews conducted with project participants.


Here you have access to insights from our generic and discursive analyses of the EUROPRO digital corpus. Generic instances within international project websites and identified and genre evolution and hybridity are explored.