Carmen Daniela Maier


I am Associate Professor at the Department of English Business Communication, School of Communication and Culture, Faculty of Arts, Aarhus University, Denmark. My areas of research and expertise include academic knowledge communication, CSR communication, corporate communication, social semiotics, multimodal discourse analysis.
My research work has appeared in journals such as “Multimodal communication”, “International Journal of Strategic Communication”, “Journal of Business Communication”, “Journal of Communication Management”, “Corporate Communications: An International Journal”, “Journal of Pragmatics”, etc. and in books such as “Science Communication on the Internet”, “Discourse in and through the media”, “Crisis communication and social media”, etc.
Among my latest publications are the articles co-authored with Jan Engberg, “Multimodal generic trends of Harvard Business Review knowledge communication in and beyond social media context: exploiting affordances, neglecting opportunities” and “Harvard Business Review's reframing of digital communication: From professional expertise to practical guidance”, and the book chapters co-authored with Silvia Ravazzani, “Visual crisis communication: A social semiotic approach to visual dialogues on social media” and “Exploring strategies of multimodal crisis and risk communication in the business and economic discourses of pandemic news”.
I have also co-edited the volumes “Reflections on Genre” and “Interactions, Images and Texts. A Reader in Multimodality”. I serve on the editorial board of the “Multimodal Communication” journal.
Further information about my research can be found on: