A series of mid-project sessions of our research project to keep on investigating

In the month of November, our research group has been meeting in a number of online meetings, as we have met the equator of our research project “Towards the visibility and dissemination of scientific research: A linguistic, rhetorical and pragmatic study of digital genres in English as a language of international communication”, funded by the Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad, Gobierno de España (FFI2017 – 84205 – P). If you want to know a bit more about our background, this is the place.

These sessions have been helpful to share our work, highlight our findings and discuss our concerns to keep moving forward in the project. Some of the main keywords that reflect our research purposes and interests were reviewed and (re)conceptualised, in order to try to open the path for future research directions. Papers going through the publication process from group members were also announced (and celebrated)! Last Friday 27th November, we also devoted a whole meeting to the debate of the meaning and scope of the notion of ‘identity’ in our research context, based on a brief presentation delivered by our PhD candidate in the group, Daniel Pascual.

In all, it was really effective to take a look in retrospective, see how the project set off and how we have been evolving individually in our research and as a team in the development of the project goals. It is our intention to extend these meetings a little longer to continue giving each other feedback and to prepare a couple of things that we could share very soon!

Keep tuned in at @IntergediUZ.

You can find more information about the development of our project and about our latest published outreach in our ResearchGate profile.